MetaCurUm founder receives SEK 10 Million grant for academic research

Maréne Landström, the founder of MetaCurUm Biotech AB, has been awarded SEK 4.8 million from the Swedish Research Council and SEK 5.25 million from the Swedish Cancer Society for her research at Umeå University. Her work focuses on precision medicine, specifically targeting signaling pathways to diagnose, prevent, and treat cancer.

“The grants from the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Cancer Society are absolutely essential for my research group and me to continue our work and address our most pressing questions,” says Landström.

MetaCurUm Biotech AB is founded on Landström’s research and aims to offer a new therapeutic option to cancer patients worldwide.

“We are pursuing several promising sub-projects. Our goal is to determine which types of cancer rely on the oncogenic signaling pathway we’ve identified. While our primary focus has been on metastatic prostate cancer, we now aim to explore the impact of our potential new cancer drug on other cancer types. Additionally, we are developing new biomarkers to identify which cancer patients would most benefit from our future treatment strategies,” Landström explains.

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