Maarten de Château appointed new CEO of MetaCurUm Biotech AB

Earlier this year, Maarten de Château invested capital in MetaCurUm, becoming a part-owner of the company. He is now set to assume the role of the new CEO.

“I am honored to take on this assignment. We aim to develop a treatment for patients who currently lack satisfactory therapies, with the objective of not only halting the spread of cancer but also potentially curing the disease or alleviating its symptoms. While our initial focus is on prostate cancer, the underlying mechanism has broad potential, making it applicable to several types of cancer,” says Maarten de Château.

Dr. Maarten de Château (born 1963) earned his PhD and MD from the University of Lund. He serves as the CEO of Sixera Pharma and Buzzard Pharmaceuticals and was the co-founder and CEO of Cormorant Pharmaceuticals. This company developed a therapeutic antibody approach in immuno-oncology and was acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2016.

Prior to this, Maarten was the Medical Director at Swedish Orphan Biovitrum and has worked in clinical development at Sanofi, as well as a financial analyst in investment banking for five years.

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