Investors Inject SEK 15 Million into MetaCurUm

Maarten de Château and Urban Paulsson.

MetaCurUm has successfully secured SEK 15 million in capital investment, with Nylöf Holding and Chateau Holding stepping in as the primary investors.

Maarten de Château and Urban Paulsson, both with extensive experience in drug development, are the key figures behind these investing companies.

“MetaCurUm represents a highly promising venture with the potential for significant impact in the field. The focus on the target molecule TGF-β is especially relevant. Maréne’s research, leading to the discovery of a new mechanism of action, is particularly compelling,” says Maarten de Château.

“Urban and I have previously concentrated on cytokines and chemokines within the tumor microenvironment. Our joint efforts have led to the development of a treatment targeting interleukin-8, and we are currently advancing another project, which is in clinical stages, against interleukin-1.”

He adds, “Given our background, TGF-β is a natural point of interest, aligning well with the category of target molecules we’ve been focusing on.”

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